Is documentary family photography right for me?

Documentary photography sessions are unlike your typical photo session.  There is no posing or coordinated wardrobe changes necessary.  No flashes in your face.  Only me and my cameras--there to document you and your family exactly the way that you are.  The idea of allowing a photographer to follow your family around for a few hours, even an entire day, can be quite daunting!  But if you can get past the need to direct your photos, I promise you will be amazed by the results.


Day in the Life Sessions

From the moment your kids open their sleepy eyes up until you kiss their sweet heads goodnight, I will be there with you documenting all the beautiful, funny (and crazy) moments that you otherwise would not be able to see.  I will be spending the day laughing and getting to know you guys while ultimately showing you how much you love each other.

"Be exactly who you are.  Don't try to portray who you think you should be, you'll be disappointed.  If you are exactly who you are in life you will love what you see." - Julie Rutigliano

Slice of Life Sessions

Not quite ready to commit to a whole day yet?  Slice of Life sessions are perfect for capturing a few hours of your day.  Maybe it's just your family's typical morning or evening routine. Or maybe you're planning a day trip to the zoo.  Perhaps you're secretly planning a "personal day" so you can play hooky with your kids to paint the town red. (Don't worry I won't tell!)  Whatever it is, I am game and ready to document it for you!

"Julia has the best personality and was very easy to be ourselves around. The entire session was a lot of fun!" - Leah Wilson

Have questions or are ready to book? I'd love to hear from you!