Bursting at the seams

When I imagine what life would be like to raise a house full of boys, the first family that comes to mind is my good friends Julie and Rob's and their boys. There is never a dull moment for this family of 5, especially this past September.  Their eldest son started kindergarten in a new school. They had been going through the arduous process of selling their home--I can't even imaging trying to keep a house clean and packing up at the drop of a hat for an impromptu showing with 3 boys all while trying to emotionally prepare the kids for a move into a new home in a new town.  Add in a little boy's 2nd birthday and a milestone birthday for Rob, life had been far from boring for this family. While one may think that moving in the fall is the last thing anyone with kids would want to do, it all makes sense when your family is bursting at the seams. Life is about to get even more exciting when they welcome their newest family member this coming April 2018 because Julie is pregnant with baby number 4!  

Despite all the selling and moving mayhem, Rob and Julie still wanted to make their special announcement to their boys a memorable moment for the family, and of course they delivered. Being the awesome parents that they are, they created a scavenger hunt for their boys to discover the news--complete with rhyming riddles and matching iron on "Big Brother" shirts. 

While their move is bittersweet for me, I am so honored they invited me to document their family enjoying the rest of the time they have in their current home--the patio where they spent countless summers grilling hotdogs and beans;  the home that they brought each of their 3 boys home from the hospital when they were born.  They will be missed by many in our town, especially me. But I am excited to see what is in store for their growing family.

Man, woman, and their 3 sons stand in front of their house
Two boys wrestle on the grass with football
Boy wearing oversized gloves runs with football in grass
Man gets ready to throw football to his three sons
Woman reads paper to her three sons while sitting on front step
Woman asks boy questions while boy ponders
Man, woman, and three boys point to paper stuck up high on garage door
Boy holds up paper to mother to read
Woman squats and holds paper in hand while boy looks amusingly at her, Another boy looks down at paper. Another boy stands looking surprised at scene. Man looks through contents of envelope
Woman puts "big brother" shirt on toddler while old boy watches
Woman smiles and points to sonograph photo while boy points away while holding other hand up to his face
Woman and two boys laugh and hug each other
Woman lifts her shirt exposing her pregnant belly
Man hands out fish food to three boys standing next to coy pond
Man and boy make a "thumbs down" with their outstretched hands while boy in middle smiles
Man lays on ground with his three boys around his arms
Woman leans over smiling boy with hand by his face
Tired boy with pacifier leans against wall while rubbing his cheek
Boy begins to tackle man lying on ground while another boy crouches down in front and younger boy exclaims at woman