Before you leave...

It's funny how we push things off on our to-do lists until the very last minute.  We all do it.  I'm no exception. The important thing is that it gets done. Sandy, Ron, and their 2 girls have lived in this town for almost 8 years but still did not have any photos of their family in their house.  Now that Ron has taken a job 1,500 miles away, they are uprooting the family cross country before the holidays. 

I had first met Sandy at both our daughters' t-ball practice.  At the time I knew Sandy had always been a very active community member in our town.  Her name could always be seen listed as some sort of school program organizer, PTO committee chair, cheer coach, troop leader, you name it.   But surprisingly it was actually our husbands who happen to connect first--both Keith and Ron happen to be students of Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu of Northern Valley.  Perhaps it's only because I'm a woman, but I found it very entertaining to watch 2 grown men on opposite ends of the field at t-ball practice, go through what I can only describe as an odd male peacock dance.  "Do I know that guy? Oh yeah, I think I do! Oh, he just looked this way! Did he recognize me? Maybe I should go over there and talk to him? Crap, what was his name again?"

I'm glad the boys finally chatted it up that day.  Both Sandy and Ron have such an infectious amiable quality to them, they are just sweet and decent, neighborly people you can count on, but most of all they know how to have fun.  Their girls are a true reflection of their parenting. Curious, silly, sweet and a little sassy, Sandy and Ron's girls have an imaginative spirit that is as big as their hearts. I had so much fun documenting the two of them, playing and picking on each other at the same time, conspiring against their parents the way sisters do.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to document their lives before they moved. They will surly be missed by me and my family, and by many in our town.

Family of four sit in living room with their dog
Girl feeds sister a snack while sitting on bed
Woman jumps on trampoline making two girls lying down jump up
Man makes silly face while girl swings on hammock and woman watches smiling
Woman and girl kiss while swinging on hammock
Girl in bath gets water poured on her face
Girl brushes hair, unamused by other girl trying to scare her
Girls shines flashlight on other girl while playing a game
Woman hands out napkins at dinner table while man wears garlic knots as eyeballs on his face
Man smiles at daughter
Girl looks unsure while some holds pizza crust in her face
Woman holds crying girl on the floor
Man holds hand to his face while woman laughs in the back while sitting on the floor with girl
Man is amused while holding a cellphone while woman and girl reach for him
Man laughs while trying to stop woman from picking at his beard