Rain, Rain, Go Away! - Chlöe, Elle, and Dylan

When Chantal asked me to do a photo session for her kids, the weather forecast had been slated for beautiful sunny skies.  She had hoped to do the shoot in their shady backyard at noon, when her daughters, Chlöe (7) and Elle (5) would be back from camp, and around the time when 5-month-old Dylan happily wakes from his nap.  However, on the morning of the shoot we woke up to dark grey skies and heavy raindrops.  Plus, a rough night of teething had completely thrown off Dylan's nap schedule.  We almost cancelled the session when at the last minute the stars decided to align!  The rain stopped and Dylan woke up from an impromptu nap just as I arrived!

The kids were terrific!  You could tell how proud these girls were to be Dylan's big sisters.  And Dylan was a champ himself, smiling and cooing through the entire session while being poked and prodded into different positions by his sisters.  Thank-you Chantal, Chlöe, Elle, and Dylan for a fantastic shoot!