Lunar New Year at School

This past week I had the opportunity to visit Viola's school to celebrate the lunar new year!  Her teachers and I had planned a fun day of wrapping dumplings, making a Chinese rattle/drum, and dancing to some Chinese New Years music.  To be honest I was a little nervous at first--all those repressed memories of in-class presentations from my childhood came flooding back.  But once the day started, all the nerves melted away and we had a great time celebrating the new year.  And while I always had respect for Viola's teachers and what they did, after spending a few hours with the class, I cannot stress enough how fantastic they are!  Thank you for letting me spend the morning with you all!

IMG 021815-1.JPG

After a fun time wrapping dumplings (which unfortunately I could not photograph since my hands were full of raw meat), the kids start crafting while the dumplings cooked.  Decorating Chinese drums in celebration of the year of the goat!

IMG 021815-2.JPG
IMG 021815-3.JPG
IMG 021815-4.JPG
IMG 021815-5.JPG

Dumplings are ready! The kids are finally able to taste the fruits of their labor.  And surprisingly most of them ate them!

IMG 021815-6.JPG

...And then there's my daughter who ate at least 4

IMG 021815-7.JPG
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