The Gammaratis

Happy children come from happy parents.  And while it's impossible for any parent to be happy all the time--sincerity, compassion, and a really good sense of humor will get a parent through to bedtime bliss without (too) many tears.  That is why I am so inspired by Corinne and Mike's approach to family life at home.  Despite the chaos of raising two young children, their cup always seems to "runneth over" with love and laughter. 

I had met Corinne two years ago through my youngest's, Elsie, play group. Her youngest was only 2 months at the time--she was newly a mom of 2 kids under the age of 2, though you'd never know it by the way she carried herself. I definitely do not remember being as put together and grounded two months after I had Elsie. She is measured, though quick witted when she speaks. But more importantly, when having a conversation with her, she really listens and is genuinely interested in what you have to say. When I finally met Mike, his charisma was contagious, and it was easy to see how the two of them connect as a couple and work together as parents. They have created is safe place for their family to laugh, cry, play, run down the hall naked in a laundry basket. A place for everyone to be themselves. A place called home.

Wife crouches down with husband, smiling and looking towards their daughter (not pictured)
Girl offers toy ice cream to boy while mother smiles
Man throws toy basketball to girl with outstretched arms
Boy holding a toy car cries while mom is surprised in the background
Mother and son smile at each other while spraying a garden hose
A boy and girl help their mom spray a garden hose while sitting on steps
Boy seated in swing reaches out to girl seated in swing
A family of four walk down a street while eating ice pops
An arm holds a melting red ice pop while a boy tries to reach for it
A girl with red stained shirt, hands and face holds a magazine while looking bewildered 
Boy smiles while being held by mother
Girl in diaper dances with man
Girl runs into father squatting on the floor and smiles
Tired boy rests head on hands at dining table
Father and soon smile at each other at dinner table
Boy jumps from couch to ottoman while girl chases him with a broom and woman watches from the side
Boy holding toy car in the bathtub laughs while girl splashes water at him
Girl sitting in laundry basking is pushed across the floor by a boy
Girl reads a book on woman's lap while woman looks up at boy
Woman holds tired girl in her arms