These thy gifts: A Magic Hour Session

Gifts come in many different forms. From the food we eat, the people we encounter, the experiences we share, it's easy to appreciate tangible gifts we can see, touch and feel. We have rituals that celebrate these gifts, even full blown holidays dedicated to showing appreciation for them.

Then there are gifts that often times we can't see right away, maybe because we're afraid to see, or gifts that perhaps seem like a paradox. Gifts that bring us immense pain and joy at the same time (or sometimes just pain!) Gifts that might initially cause suffering but eventually in time bring enlightenment and happiness.

The thing about a gift is that it rarely lasts forever. Change is inevitable as everything is affected by time. But just like the words imply when saying grace before meal, these thy gifts are bountiful, sacred, and exist everywhere. Capturing them is the reason why I became a photographer, and one of the reasons why I chose to become a Magic Hour photographer.

I got connected with Adele through Magic Hour, an organization that provides free photo shoots for cancer patients and their families.  Her story starts when she was diagnosed with cancer at the same time she found out she was pregnant with her son--an event in her life that I can only imagine as an explosion of intense paradoxical emotions and feelings.  After a long journey of surgery and chemo (and of being a new mom), Adele had a brief reprieve where she was cancer free before it metastasized again last summer.  She continues her journey, steadfast and grounded; living her life to the fullest with her loving family by her side. 

"You were amazing!!  You knew just how to approach my son and he loved you.  He was actually sad when the session was over and wanted to know why you had to leave.  You made us feel comfortable and we appreciate the time you spent with us to make this project a reality.

Having Stage IV cancer always has me worried if I am capturing life right now to keep memories for [my son].  This session took the worry out of my hands and made it happen. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity!" - Adele

I don't know what the future holds for Adele and her family, but as their visual historian I can do my best at keeping their family's legacy alive. 

Family prays at table before breakfast
Boy opens wide for a forkful of eggs while woman smiles in background
Boy and father wrestle on floor while woman walks behind couch
Boy wrapped in towel looks up at mother while standing in tub
Woman holds child wrapped in towel
Woman brushes boys teeth
Boy and woman share a smile at bathroom sink
Father pulls shirt over boys head
Boy holds man's chin while man buttons boy's shirt
Boy plays with figurine while mom and dad try to put socks on boy
Boy reaches for woman's glasses on her face
Woman buttons boy's shirt
Woman fixes boy's hair while doing her makeup
Woman blowdries her hair while standing in bathroom doorway
Woman and boy walk down aisle in church
Boy grabs his collar while family members pray
Boy looks up at a statue of Mary
Boy leans over pew at base of statue
Priest dressed in mass robes greets boy and woman
Boy touches mothers cheek with finger
Boy lights church candle

Are you looking to document your family's legacy? Give me a call or email, I'd love to hear from you!