The most precious things

In mandarin, the term "bǎo bèi" literally translates into "bundle (of cowry) shells" a very rare sea snail shell once used as currency in many parts of ancient China and the world.  Bǎo bèi is referred to the most precious and treasured things in life.

Precious things are always entering and leaving our lives all the time.  Physical things that have meaning behind them, like jewelry, keepsakes, maybe even a home.  Even people.  In a single lifetime, friends and family will come and go, whether it be geographically, changes in relationship, or through our own mortality.  We know this as fact of life, yet sometimes it's just so hard to let go.  Why? Because these things, these people, these places, they hold such memories and spark such joy that we fear that when they are gone, we'll lose it all.  They are all just so, well, precious.

After graduating from college, Ella and Shawn got married, bought their first NYC apartment together, and then proceeded design a beautiful home and build a beautiful life together in it, surrounded by friends, pursuing careers they love, experiencing everything the city has to offer.  The apartment itself hosted many Super Bowl parties, Friendsgiving feasts, and countless other get-togethers.  A few years ago Ella and Shawn came home from the hospital with their daughter, Esme, to this apartment--spent many sleepless nights rocking their newborn to sleep, watched her take her first steps, and read countless bedtime stories. So when the time came to upsize to a place with an actual bedroom for Esme, it was only natural for them to have a hard time letting go of their precious apartment.

But after spending the day with this lovely family, it's clear to me that while the apartment they're leaving holds such beautiful memories, Shawn and Ella are taking with them the most precious gift of all--their love for each other and their beautiful daughter Esme (a.k.a. Bǎo Bèi) As they embark on their newest adventure in their home (a few blocks away) there is no doubt in my mind that they will encounter more precious things and create more precious memories that will far exceed their wildest dreams.

Mother carries daughter in hallway
Woman changes diaper of girl while man cooks breakfast
Family prays around breakfast table
Man reads story to child
Girl stands in crib while woman sits in chair3
Girl lays on man while doing a pushup
Man and woman smile at each other with girl in middle while sitting on the bus
Man, woman and child look at Morris Louis painting
Girl holds on to woman's leg
Girl plays with toys while woman brushes hair
Girl and woman reach for elevator button
Girl gets her hair washed in tub
Man, woman, and child read book together
Man, woman, and child brush teeth together in the mirror
Man, woman, child, and Mini Mouse say bedtime prayers

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