Soak in the summer

We have made it through 2 full weeks of summer vacation and my girls have already gone through nearly 2 bottles of sunscreen, read through 40+ library books, wore down a box of sidewalk chalk down to little nubbins, and most likely eaten their weight in ice pops by now.

Girls sunbathe on pink towels

Meanwhile, my washer and dryer have been on overdrive with all the towels, bathing suits and leotards (Elsie started ballet camp last week), and I've been to the grocery store almost every day because evidently my children become ravenous beasts in the summer time. Plus, with their busy social lives, it seems like I've already clocked enough miles to drive to Washington DC and back just by chauffeuring them to all their activities.

Girls lick spoons while standing on a stool
Bergen County Family Photography-180608MLCLastDayElsie-3.jpg

Despite all the craziness during this transition from the structure and routine of school to summer free for all, I have to say that I am OK with this new chaotic normal--very grateful for it actually. Viola is swimming like a fish and wishes she had gills so she could live in the water.  Watching her challenge herself every morning at practice is absolutely incredible.  Elsie is loving every moment she can express herself through dance and music, and has recently added "singer" to her list of things she wants to be when she grows up. Listening to her sing a song made up on the fly about underwater tiger fairies with such gusto and intent just makes my heart melt.

Girl with sunglasses dances in livingroom

We're in a pretty sweet spot. The girls are at an age where they are independent enough to play together or separately on their own, but still adore us parents and want to be with us. So what if my feet are bleeding from stepping on rogue Legos and Calico Critter dinnerware every night; or that there are random rainbow loom rubber bands that I am constantly picking out of every crevice of my house? It's no biggie that all the shampoo and soap bottles in the bathroom are now half diluted with water from the potion making and other experimental creations. Because watching these two beautiful tornados do what they do everyday is by far my favorite summertime activity yet.

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Two girls sit on railing of front porch